Denise Carlson

Vice President, NAPIC Planning, NAPIC Material Engineering Groups

DENSO International America, Inc.

Denise Carlson is vice president of the North American Production Innovation Center (NAPIC) Planning and NAPIC Material Engineering groups at DENSO International America, Inc. (DIAM). Located in Southfield, Michigan, Ms. Carlson oversees Material Development, Material Quality Assurance (MQA), and Material Education for the company’s North American product groups. Additionally, as the lead of NAPIC planning team, she works collaboratively with DENSO’s Global Production Innovation Center to align resources to support North American manufacturing.

Ms. Carlson joined DENSO in 1995 as a materials engineer, responsible for the hands-on task of North American material development and selection, with focus on polymeric materials for Climate Control and HMI (Human Machine Interface) products. Ms. Carlson was promoted to manager in 2003, where Powertrain related non-metals became part of her responsibilities. In 2008, Ms. Carlson was promoted to senior manager, where she oversaw North American and South American Material Engineering activities with an expanded focus into metallic materials for Powertrain and Climate Control applications.

In 2011, Ms. Carlson took a 13-month overseas assignment at DENSO’s global headquarters office in Kariya, Japan, where she supported the global project management team within Material Engineering R&D, focusing on human resource development and engagement for the six-region team of material engineers.

In 2014, Ms. Carlson was promoted to director of NAPIC Planning and NAPIC Material Engineering. In this position, she was responsible for material development, collaboration with both Purchasing and Design to create supplier selection strategy, material utilization, and resolution of material related field quality issues. Ms. Carlson also implemented a material and process design review within North America to ensure specified materials meet both design and manufacturing expectations. Ms. Carlson managed implementation of material education in North America and helped plan and lead North American Manufacturing and Production Engineering cross-functional activities.

Ms. Carlson was promoted to her current position as vice president of NAPIC Planning and NAPIC Material Engineering in 2017.

Ms. Carlson received both her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and her Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.