CAR Management Briefing Seminars

Press Registration

Media representatives may register at no charge. All media registrations are subject to approval. Media registration requests are reviewed by CAR MBS management and approved if they meet the criteria outlined in our Media Credentials Policy below. We will contact you if we need additional information or we have determined you do not meet the necessary requirements. Submission of published work and/or a signed letter from an assignment editor may be required.

Please note: Receipt of a registration confirmation number does not guarantee that your registration has been approved for Media Credentials but rather that your submission, and our receipt of your submission, was successful.

Media Credentials Policy

The CAR Management Briefing Seminars welcome media attendees to this annual event. Credentials are provided to qualified journalists so they may cover scheduled sessions, press conferences and related events. To qualify for media credentials, a person must be a working print, broadcast, or online journalist.

All persons participating in CAR MBS events must display a conference-issued name-badge. “Working journalist” is defined as someone who derives at least 50 percent of his/her income from journalistic activities either independently or as an employee of independent communication media. The term “independent” refers to a media outlet that is independent of special interest groups, trade associations, companies, consumer organizations, or government agencies, so “reporters” for house organs, reports, newsletters and other publications that are produced by such groups are not considered to be working press.

Key working journalist criteria:

— Operate with editorial independence from any political, governmental, commercial, or special interest

— Publish primarily for the dissemination of news

— Not a house publication of any organization or movement

— Supported by advertising or paid subscriptions, or published or funded by a non-profit organization

Common working journalist titles:

— Reporters, editors, writers, and publishers

— News photographers or videographers

— Producers

— Web masters or other editorial employees for a publication, news service, broadcast outlet, or news site that is regularly issued