CAR Management Briefing Seminars

Carla Bailo, Ohio State University – Download PDF

Mitch Bainwol, Alliance of Automobile Manfacturers – Download PDF

Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research – Download PDF

Steve Banfield, ReachNow, LLC – Download PDF

Rachel Bhattacharya, General Motors and Maven – Download PDF

Colin Bird, Embassy of Canada – Download PDF

Matthew Blunt, American Automotive Policy Council  – Download PDF

Bryson Bort, GRIMM – Download PDF

John Bozzella, Global Automakers – Download PDF

Melissa Cefkin, Nissan Research Center – Silicon Valley – Download PDF

Mamatha Chamarthi, ZF – Download PDF

Richard Chung, Adient – Download PDF

Jacqueline Dedo, Aware Mobility LLC – Download PDF

Larry Dominique, PSA North America – Download PDF

Ryan Eustice, Toyota Research Institute – Download PDF

Eric Fedewa, Eaton Vehicle Group – Download PDF

Caroline Freund, Peterson Institute for International Economics – Download PDF

Scott Garberding, FCA US LLC – Download PDF

Samit Ghosh, P3 North America, Inc. – Download PDF

Christopher Grundler, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Download PDF

Annette Hebert, California Air Resources Board – Download PDF

Mike Jackson, The Original Equipment Suppliers Association – Download PDF

Steven Kiefer, General Motors – Download PDF

Al Koch, AlixPartners LLP – Download PDF

Colin Langan, UBS – Download PDF

Jason Lee, Focus: Hope – Download PDF

Lonnie Love, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – Download PDF

Sachin Lulla, IBM Global Business Services – Download PDF

John Maddox, American Center for Mobility – Download PDF

Anupam Malhotra, Audi of America – Download PDF

Sandra McClelland, American Chemistry Council – Download PDF

Douglas Patton, 2017 President of SAE – Download PDF

Michael Robinet, IHS Markit – Download PDF

Dr. Rose Ann Ryntz, International Automotive Components – Download PDF

Francisco Sandoval-Saqui, Ministry of the Economy of Mexico – Download PDF

Ben Schlimme, Toyota Motor North America – Download PDF

Dr. Sebastian Schöning, Gehring Group – Download PDF

Jeff Schuster, LMC Automotive – Download PDF

James Schwyn, Valeo North America – Download PDF

Matt Simoncini, Lear Corporation – Download PDF

Steve St. Angelo, Toyota Motor Corporation – Download PDF

Dr. Kay Stepper, Robert Bosch LLC – Download PDF

Matthew Stover, Susquehanna Financial Group – Download PDF

Christopher Thomas, Fontinalis – Download PDF

Don Walker, Magna International Inc. – Download PDF

Tom Watson, Johnson Controls Power Solutions – Download PDF

Kristin Welch, SPLT – Download PDF

Peter Welch, National Automobile Dealers Association – Download PDF

Kregg Wiggins, Continental Automotive Systems US, Inc. – Download PDF

Ann Wilson, Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association – Download PDF

Timothy Yerdon, Visteon Corporation – Download PDF