“We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”

– Lee Iacocca

The automotive industry takes insoluble problems, seizes opportunities, and transforms those problems into innovative products and solutions.

From Lee Iacocca to Mary Barra and more, the CAR Management Briefing Seminars (MBS) have been witness to the automotive industry’s most inspired thinkers. MBS speakers embody the forward-thinking spirit and ambitious nature that drives the industry to new pinnacles of success. CAR has the unique ability to bring these industry leaders together for four days of an unmatched blending of topics that provide attendees with an outstanding analysis of this fast-paced business. The powerful presentations of these diverse visionaries are at the heart of CAR MBS.

Speakers take the stage at MBS to tackle the issues impacting the industry and to deliver insightful strategies. They debate the issues and discuss shared challenges that result in collaborative solutions. Industry stakeholders, academics, government officials, economic developers, and media attend MBS each summer in a uniquely intimate setting to gain insight into manufacturing challenges, emerging technologies, policy and regulations, advances in design, community impact, concerns about jobs, talent, organizational culture, and trade, and strategies that work.

As automotive is reimagined in the new era of mobility, CAR will continue to select prescient speakers who offer food for thought. CAR will look to thought leaders who share strategies for how mobility can change the world and improve the lives of citizens–suggesting pathways to democratized mobility through visions and services. This will require honesty and great debate between those brave enough to lead the industry in a bold new direction.

Be at the table as CAR MBS 2018 examines the transformation of technology, adapting for an uncertain future, evolving business models and practices, and advancing talent and organizational culture.

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