Archive: CAR Management Briefing Seminars 2013 • August 5–8, 2013

Roger Curtis


Michigan International Speedway

Roger Curtis currently serves as President of Michigan International Speedway. He is a 21-year veteran of motorsports administration. At the time of his appointment as the head of MIS in June 2006, Curtis had served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at California Speedway, where he supervised the superspeedway’s advertising and promotions, sales and marketing, public relations and ticketing operations.

In addition to MIS and California Speedway, Curtis has worked at Richmond International Raceway and Watkins Glen International as well as with several NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series teams and owned his own motorsports marketing firm.

Besides NASCAR, Curtis and his team have worked to make MIS a year-round tourist destination with the addition of sports car and go kart races and non-motorpsorts events such as a Tough Mudder, a wine and beer festival, and music festivals. 

Since 2008, MIS has also been the home to a significant and growing amount of automotive R&D testing; working with partners such as MDOT, TRADAC, USDOT, Rousch Industries, the X-Prize, CAMP, Lexus, Hyundai.



Automotive Strategy: Mobility, Profitability, Sustainability

Thursday 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM