Archive: CAR Management Briefing Seminars 2012 • August 6–9, 2012

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What Do We Benchmark Now?

Wednesday 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Up until now, consumers and automotive analysts have ranked vehicles and brands in terms of initial quality, long term reliability, overall consumer satisfaction and safety. Recently, fuel economy performance has received increased attention. An increasing reality, however, is that industry scores across vehicles on quality are now so close that differences between major brands and models have reached near statistical insignificance--almost all vehicles have high levels of quality, possess long term reliability, and are equally safe. It has therefore become necessary to find new measures to benchmark automotive products in terms of performance and improvement. Other competitive attributes may now include styling, economic benefits or value, and technical expertise. In the last few weeks, the issue of telematics and infotainment technology contributing to consumers’ perception of vehicle quality has received widespread publicity.  Given the dynamic and complex nature of the issue a deeper understanding of how today’s consumers evaluate and value specific vehicle characteristics is necessary.

This workshop will feature a panel of speakers from some of the most influential benchmarking services in the industry today as well as companies that have revolutionary and potentially valuable ideas for benchmarking performance in the eyes of the consumer. The discussion between these experts on the importance of vehicle attributes in terms of company performance should provide many strong clues as to the future competitive landscape in the North American automotive market.


Bernard Swiecki, Senior Project Manager

Sustainability and Economic Development Strategies

Presentation Files: swiecki_bernard.pdf


David Champion, Sr. Director of Automotive Testing

Consumer Reports

Jim Hall, Managing Director

2953 Analytics

Michelle Hill, Vice President

Oliver Wyman

Presentation Files: hill_michelle.pdf

Michelle Krebs, Senior Analyst

Tom Libby, Lead Analyst, North American Forecasting Practice


Presentation Files: libby_tom.pdf