CAR Research Paper

Repurposing Former Automotive Manufacturing Sites in the Midwest

Authors: Valerie Sathe Brugeman, Kristin Dziczek, and Joshua Cregger

Produced by: Center for Automotive Research, Economic Development and Strategies Group
Date: June 2012
Categories: Education and Training, Employment, Economic Contribution Analysis, Manufacturing
Tags: Most Popular

Full Description:

The Midwest, as the traditional core of the U.S. automotive industry, has seen many auto plant closures over the years. The number of shuttered facilities in this region, specifically Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, vastly outpaces those in other parts of the country. Simultaneously, the economy has been disproportionately impacted by the recession. Therefore, as a follow-on to the national CAR study, Repurposing Former Auto Manufacturing Facilities, and sponsored by the C.S. Mott Foundation, CAR researchers conducted a more focused look at the obstacles and catalysts for successfully repurposing former auto sites in the Midwest. This report highlights four case studies of successful plant redevelopments, and identifies relevant lessons learned to assist other Midwestern communities in their endeavors to transition properties.

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