CAR Research Paper

The Impact of New Mobility Services on the Automotive Industry

Authors: Adela Spulber, Eric Paul Dennis, P.E., Richard Wallace, and Michael Schultz

Produced by: Center for Automotive Research, Transportation Systems Analysis Group
Date: August, 2016
Categories: Emerging Industry Trends, Intelligent Transportation Systems

Full Description:

Emerging trends in mobility technology, such as the rise of ridehailing and carsharing services, have led many industry analysts to offer their views on how these trends will affect the automotive industry in the United States. The reports stemming from these efforts have resulted in highly conflicting visions of the future, ranging from a dramatic decline in vehicle sales to a windfall in revenue and profits.
Faced with this cloudy picture, researchers at the Center for Automotive Research decided to weigh in with their own analysis, one that is rooted in our cumulative knowledge of travel behavior, consumer preferences, and the operational characteristics of new mobility services.
Our analysis, based on sound data and detailed in this report, sheds light on what we believe are likely future directions. We welcome feedback on this effort and will continue to refine our viewpoint as technology, society, and service offerings continue to evolve.

Download the New Mobility Services White Paper HERE or download the full report below.

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