CAR Research Paper

Global Harmonization of Connected Vehicle Communication Standards

Authors: Qiang Hong, Ph.D., Eric Paul Dennis, P.E., Richard Wallace, and Joshua Cregger

Produced by: Center for Automotive Research, Transportation Systems Analysis Group
Date: January 2016
Categories: Connected Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems

Full Description:

This report examines international efforts to develop “harmonized” connected vehicle standards that would enable automakers, governments, and technology developers to, at a minimum, adopt analogous conceptual and technological frameworks across markets. While many barriers stand in the way of a truly “Globally Harmonized Standard” for Connected-ITS applications, this report discusses global harmonization efforts, including specific areas of focus, stakeholder concerns, and various communication standards being considered. The report concludes that such international harmonization of ITS standards would accelerate the deployment of C-ITS systems across the globe by leveraging economies of scale for research, development, and manufacturing activities. The accelerated deployment of C-ITS applications could also generate broad public benefits, such as improving the safety, mobility, and efficiency of the transportation system.

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