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CAR launches the Advanced Automotive IT Solutions Consortia

Today’s highly complex and competitive automotive industry requires operations so lean and efficient that robust IT and software solutions have become nearly ubiquitous throughout the automotive supply chain. Quantifying the benefits of these systems and utilizing them to their maximum potential to optimize operation across the enterprise, however, has proven an elusive goal.

This proposed study seeks to address these issues. With a consortium of solution providers and thought leaders as the study’s foundation, CAR researchers will perform case studies, conduct interviews with automakers and suppliers, and conduct an extensive literature search. Together, these efforts will allow the study team to identify and illustrate concrete business benefits, and to highlight opportunities, as well as obstacles to realizing the full benefit of these solutions in the automotive industry. The study will address critical issues faced by industry stakeholders and demonstrate real world benefits realized from the successful use of these systems.

The consortium’s first product will be a report featuring case studies to highlight real-world results realized from the successful implementation of technology solutions. The report will be released at an industry briefing expected to take place in early 2013.

For more information or to join the consortium, please contact: Bernard Swiecki – Senior Research Project Manager, YnN3aWVja2lAY2FyZ3JvdXAub3Jn or (734) 929-0484.


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